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After 12+ years as a Senior Account Director at an International marketing agency running brands like Microsoft, Best Buy and MillerCoors…I shifted my focus to the boutique fitness industry - a perfect blend of passion and profession. While Chief Marketing & Operations Officer at The Dailey Method Barre + Cycle Fitness Franchise, I created multiple new revenue streams including, but not limited to corporate partnerships, affiliate networks, as well as digital and in-person training programs. During my time as CMO & COO, franchisee retention rate was 98%, online subscribers increased by 3x, retail sales doubled, new client conversion rates increased by 2.5, and best of all... total gross revenue AND profit margin increased by 30%.

Since founding Be Mindful Marketing in late 2018, I now consult with hundreds of boutique studios owners as well as franchisors across the country to help them do the same in their business. We don’t do this by adding unnecessary costs or complexity. We strategically collaborate to execute plans and ideas that will drive the momentum to KEEP GOING.

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50% increase in franchisor total gross franchisor revenue

10%+ increase in total gross studio revenue (despite shutdowns!)

 here are some wins my clients are celebrating right now!

50%+ increase in studio profitability

20% increase in average client value (even though new visits being down from previous year)

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