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Mini Course: Money Made Mindfully

Are you ready to make MORE money? Do you want to ensure you are spending your time on the right things in order to make it happen? Let’s stop the bleeding. Quit the overwhelm. Put more money back into your pocket where it belongs. This program that teaches you where you should be spending your marketing dollars, what you should be doing with your time, and how to eliminate constant overwhelm. Are you ready? Let’s do this!

3 Lessons

Master Class: Money & Marketing

Information will be coming soon!


Emily Montgomery

I’m wickedly organized, super experienced, unbelievably passionate and so committed to making YOUR dreams come true.

You’re exhausted. Frazzled. Overwhelmed. You can’t focus. You’re pulled in so many directions. You feel smothered and totally lost.

But you are full of ideas. The business is not the business without YOU.

I’ll remove overwhelm, give you the support, guidance and direction you need. Are you ready? Let’s do this!

Ready to get started?

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